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Tindo Morgans


* Countless Hi-Point Award wins at Open Shows!
* Best Preliminary Cones - Miracle Farm Combined Driving Event 2001
* Best Cones - Pine Hill Combined Driving Event 1998
* Winner of many different classes in open and "A" rated shows including:

  • Justin Morgan Standard
  • Sport Horse Suitability
  • Driving Cones
  • Mounted Games
* Winner of Training Single Pony at 1999 Rowlett Creek CDE, Pine Hill CDE and 1999 Lone Star Challenge

* Clarendon is siring Grand Champions!

Photo by Pam O'Connell

Clarendon of Quietude

May 30, 1989
(Criterion x Royalton Peggy Moro)

Photo by Pam O'Connell

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Clarendon of Quietude, a rich chestnut Morgan stallion of impeccable old Morgan breeding, comes by his classic Morgan look and bold, pure trot naturally, through his clean-blooded Sherman-through-Daniel Lambert sire line. His dam is the grand Lippitt/Woodbury mare, Royalton Peggy Moro (Lippitt Ashbrook Moro x Royalton Lida Rose). Clarendon is a true gentleman and a sheer delight for the entire family.

Photo by Stine Photography

In addition to his achievements in the show ring Clarendon also entertains by giving buggy rides to children at neighborhood gatherings. He's a great teacher to humans and horses alike being used in riding lessons and as a reliable "ponying" horse.

Photo by Jack Schatzberg

Photo by Amy Glasgow

Clarendon "marathoning" through the mud and muck at 1998 Pine Hill CDE.


Clarendon of Quietude is a perfect gentleman and our DREAM HORSE!

Photo by Bev Peterson

Photo by Images by Alice

Clarendon of Quietude and Nancy Stuhl

Tindo Jedidiah (Clarendon of Quietude x Morannon Manzanita).
Chestnut colt born 3/26/00, photo taken at 4 weeks. See more of Clarendon's get.

Photo by Nancy Stuhl

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