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Tindo Morgans
Elaine McIntyre
614 Lower Valley Lane
Cibolo, TX 78108
(210) 659-0747
Nancy Stuhl
690 Lower Valley Lane
Cibolo, Texas 78108
(210) 945-0107
Barbara Friesenhahn
694 Lower Valley Lane
Cibolo, Texas 78108
(210) 394-4264


All Tindo Morgans are handled daily from birth being trained to have impeccable manners both when handled on the ground or under saddle. They are taught early on to lead respectfully, load obediently in the trailer and stand quietly and calmly for farrier, clipping, de-worming, vaccinations etc. We use predominately Clinton Anderson and John Lyons training techniques coupled with many others we have learned from along the way. We think you'll appreciate, as we do, having a horse with true manners.

**All horses list for sale to approved homes only.
**Prices subject to change.

  Tindo Solar Power - SOLD to Sherry Morgan of New Mexico
  “Sunny” 2004 palomino (LJ Morning Reveille x Quietude Romney)


  Tindo Time and Again "Turbo" - SOLD to Sherry Morgan of New Mexico
  July 1, 2005 chestnut gelding (LJ Morning Reveille x Quietude Romney)

  Tindo Dream Weaver - SOLD to Karen and Craig Shuenemann, daughter Anika and son Kade
  2002 (Clarendon of Quietude x Small Town Ellie Ash)

  Morannon Manzanita - SOLD to DCT Morgan 5/7/12
  1993 (Moro Hill Manito x Covenant Lydia K)

  Quietude Romney - SOLD to Healing with Horses Therapeutic Riding School
  1989 (Crawford x Araby Ashmore)

Tindo Honey in the Morning (LJ Morning Reveille x Two J Classy Kitty) March 23, 2004 buckskin filly - "Honey" reminds us of a doe with her big, soft eyes and gentle femininity and she's truly as sweet as honey. She simply adores people. "Honey" is one of only three buckskin Rev daughters alive today with two crosses to the famous Sunup Neptune.

SOLD to Heidi and Jeff Ghiringhelli. Heidi and Jeff also talked us out of Phaon Pharms Sundancer for their wonderful family. Congratulations!

Two J Classy Kitty (KRP Cocoa x Willy’s Classic Rhythm) June 7, 1997 This is an undeniably exquisite mare! Kitty is one of the most beautiful buckskin Morgan mares you will find. She has a truly kind, loving personality. Kitty has had 3 months professional reining training with Todd Martin, internationally renowned trainer. She carried the flag for the national anthem at the local Celebrate the Morgan Extravaganza in September 2005. Kitty is very sure-footed and picks her trail carefully. She has had one foal. She bred and foaled easily and was an exceptional mother. Kitty gets along well with others in the herd. See more of Kitty on her own page www.tindomorgans.com/kitty.html The only reason we’re offering her for sale is that we are drastically cutting back on our herd. Our loss is your gain.

SOLD to Ric and Rhonda Walker.

Small Town Ellie Ash (Marvelous Ideal x Small Town Sally Ash) May 5, 1988 bay mare - She's a truly special lady.

SOLD to Dawn Wagstaff of Michigan - Congratulations Dawn! We will miss Ellie dearly, but know she will have the best of everything with you.

Stop-Look-And-Listen (Overlook Timbalier x Queechee's Beauty) May 13, 1991 chestnut mare - Caramel has the most Powerful, Exciting and Balanced natural trot you will find anywhere!! Her sire is a 3-time World Park Harness Champion! And her four legendary great-grandsires are Kingston, Silverhawk, Troutbrook Playboy and Orcland Supreme. Caramel's flashy, flaxen son, Tindo Liberty Jim, can be seen on Clarendon's Get page.

SOLD to Lisa Richards of Johnson City, Texas.

Tindo Rocket's Red Glare

Tindo Rocket's Red Glare (LJ Morning Reveille x Windy Knoll ReKay) March 22, 2003 Proud, handsome chestnut colt - Rocket is inquisitive, bold, playful and stunning - definitely his daddy's son!

Rocket is SOLD to Valerie Larson-Lohr of San Antonio Texas.



Dawn Wagstaff of Michigan says of Small Town Ellie Ash:
"God works in mysterious ways. I feel He sent me Ellie... Barb, she is simply stunning"


Carol Whitson of New Hampshire purchased Tindo Jedidiah and Quietude Whisper:
"I've used Whisper in a few beginner lessons here, boy she is great, has the best trot to learn on, so smooth! And she is very kind with the children. Jedi is a saint and we adore him. You really are doing the Lambert Morgan a HUGE service by getting out there and competing and doing so well...bravo!! I must say I looked and looked at other stallions/mares before settling on Clarendon and your farm (and yes, I based my decision on you and your farm as well as Clarendon). The combination you offered me of quality horses that are well trained and performing competitively, your very informative and well-thought out web site, and your honest and caring personality was just top-notch. I am sure you and your breeding program will go far, and I will do my best to emulate you!!!"



Marcia Jordan purchased Tindo Texas Edition:
"Tex is such an amazing horse. He is so bold, and willing. I just love him!"

Kelly Agnew of Arkansas, previous owner of Tindo Morning Ash said,
"Everybody who has a horse at the barn has fallen in love with him ... he has the loveliest manners of any yearling ... and they all think he has the sweetest disposition. HE IS SUCH A DREAMBOAT!! THANKS for all the work you obviously put in."

Tina Spencer of Texas:
"I don't know of anyone I trust more than you for an honest opinion of a horse, and I still am so happy and grateful for Sally. She has turned out to be everything we hoped for."

Susan Wernle of Texas said of SNR Sophistication, who she bought from us:
"I AM IN HEAVEN WITH HER! She is always so affectionate and happy to see me - she makes me feel so good. She's happy - I'm ecstatic. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN! She really is a dream come true for me."

Susan Hanley of West Virginia said of Nancy and Clarendon:
You are both the winningest duo our Lamberts have. I'm so impressed with both of your, competitiveness, endurance, giftedness, toughness, beauty and courage.

Beth Stamper of Oregon:
"I applaud your breeding program!!"

Shery Jespersen of Wyoming:
"Super site Barbara, what a nice stallion duo you have. I like having GOOD Morgan links on our web site and have asked Nancy Castle to add your's."

John McIsaac of Nova Scotia said of Tindo Jedidiah:
"What an incredible foal, he is absolutely wonderful. He is a credit to your breeding program."

Amy Glasgow of Texas:
"All of Romney's babies will be sold because we all want one just like her ... a Romney clone!"

Nancy Castle of Texas:
"Clarendon can be the most mellow, calm, quiet stallion standing and waiting his turn to enter the in-gate and then just pop right in there and knock your socks off with his wonderful conformation, type and gentlemanly behavior. ...he works and gives it his all, he is just so totally sensible and willing to please! A real credit to his breeding and breeders as well as all the work that Nancy has put into him."

Joanne Curtis of New York said of Clarendon:
"I just had to let you know how nice he is, a classic Jubilee King. He certainly has the beautfully set on neck, and those long, deep hindquarters of the family. Glad to see that bright chestnut is the style for him, as it is the hall mark of the family as well."

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