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Tindo Morgans
Elaine McIntyre
614 Lower Valley Lane
Cibolo, TX 78108
(210) 659-0747
Nancy Stuhl
690 Lower Valley Lane
Cibolo, Texas 78108
(210) 945-0107
Barbara Friesenhahn
694 Lower Valley Lane
Cibolo, Texas 78108
(210) 394-4264



Barbara and Ron Friesenhahn were married April 18, 2015 with Nancy and Clarendon playing a big part in the wedding!


February comes and the Rodeo is Here! Barbara and Rocky perform at each rodeo performance and are voted in as members of the Bexar County Palomino Patrol and Drill Team. We could NOT have done this without the help of everyone at home taking care of all the other horses and Ron Friesenhahn, who was Rocky and Barbara’s saddler, ground crew and main support!

Trish graduated Suma Kum Laude from Texas Lutheran University! Congratulations!!

Barbara and Rocky win the Heart of Texas Morgan Horse Club Morgan’s in Action Award.


Donna Colby owns a gelding of our breeding. He is by Tindo Jedidiah and out of Quietude Whisper and she calls "McDreamy". In her own words: "He is such a love bucket, craves attention… We went to our second show and he did even better than the first. I had him tied under the tent again and a gust of wind picked the tent up and blew it over. He looked up as it floated over him and calmly went back to eating! He amazes me. He won his first blue. It was in in-hand trail and again got the high point champion for the day."

Starting in August, Barbara and Rocky prepare and practice for the 2014 San Antonio Rodeo with the Bexar County Palomino Patrol.

Sadly, Quietude Romney passed away, even though she no longer lived with us she will always remain in our hearts.

We have sold all our mares and are no longer breeding, but we continue to enjoy and promote the breed with our Morgan geldings and 2 senior stallions!


We continue to enjoy our Morgans trail riding while raising our families.


Trish graduates with an Associates degree and will continue her education at Texas Luthern University

Zita has gone to a new home to be a lesson horse for DCT Morgan Farm in Bulverde, Texas


Eddie graduates from Samuel Clemens High School

Connor continues to be in love with and ride tractors!


Trish graduates from Steele High School June 6, 2010 and will attend Lakeview College!  Congrats Trish!!

April 9 & 10, 2010 HOTMHC Fun Show

Trish and Barbara carried in the American and Texas flags on Loves Magic Breeze “Rio” and LJ Morning Reveille while Cat Cook sang the national anthem and Texas our Texas in her lovely voice.  What a treat!

Trish won a $250 purse in the first annual Morgan Trotting Races on Loves Magic Breeze…. “Rio” bought her prom dress!

Nancy and Brian are busy being new parents to little Connor, who is growing and crawling already.  We’ll have him on a horse before long!!

Barbara’s been hitting some trails with Rev:

McKinney Roughs with Trish and Rio

We were runners with Trish and Rio for the judges at Agarita Ranch and Plum Creek CDE, complete with mud!!

Canyon Lake with good friend Stephanie,

And of course the short jaunts around the place here!



We haven’t bred any horses for awhile, but …

A new chapter begins at the Tindo ranch with Nancy and Brian’s first child, Connor Alan Stuhl being born August 27, 2009.



Pine Hill Pleasure Driving Show - May 24-25, 2008

Nancy Stuhl and Elaine McIntyre took Blaze (Tindo Trailblazer) to the Pine Hill Pleasure Driving Show on May 24th and 25th, 2008. It had turnout classes, dressage, pick your own route, fault and out, double jeopardy, and a 3.5 kilometer (~ 2 miles) cross country drive. Blaze was the only Morgan there. For only his third competetion, the first two being HOTMHC fun shows, he did himself proud! He and Nancy took 1st place in Turnout, 1st place in Dressage, 1st place in Pick Your Own Route and 2nd place in the Cross Country. Overall he tied for 2nd place in the Single Horse Division. Blaze appeared to have a good time, but he sure was glad to get home.


Tindo shines again at the 2008 HOTMHC Fun Show

Tindo Trailblazer (Blaze) was High Point Morgan and also won the AMHA High Point Open Award. He was shown in In Hand, Sport Horse Suitability, Hunter, Dressage Suitability, Trail and Driving classes. Trish won the High Point Youth Award showing Trailblazer and Love's Magic Breeze. But perhaps the most exciting part of the show was seeing the two Tindo stallions, Clarendon of Quietude and LJ Morning Reveille, present the flags at the beginning of each day - side by side - in a most mannerly fashion.



Tindo Morgans, along with the rest of the Heart of Texas Morgan Horse Club Drill Team presented the flags April 14, 2007 at the HOTMHC Fun Show with…

Brian riding “Zita” carrying the Texas flag,

Nancy riding Clarendon carrying the American flag,

Trish riding “Rio” and

Barbara riding Dream.

Tindo Trailblazer was spectacular in his debut carriage driving classes, taking a first in a cones course and cantering under harness for the first time in the driving egg and spoon race.

After winning Ride-A-Buck for the second year in a row, Trish won Hi-Point Youth on Loves Magic Breeze, “Rio”.

Behind the scenes, but always seen, Elaine kept busy as show chairman and Brian, our announcer, kept everyone entertained.

Starting 2007 off right trail riding at Sister Creek Ranch!

Barbara on Rev, Trish on “Rio”, Brian on Blaze and Nancy on Clarendon

The Heart of Texas Morgan Horse Club celebrated the Morgan in grand style. They held a demonstration of Morgan versatility at the Hays Civic Center in San Marcos on Saturday, September 10, 2005. The Morgan versatility demonstration began with the presentation of the U.S. flag by Brian Stuhl, wearing a recreated cavalryman's uniform and riding our buckskin mare, Two J Classy Kitty. He was riding an antique 1904 McClellan artilleryman's saddle. We were so fortunate to borrow the saddle from Garnet Robinson.

Morannon Manzanita was one of three representing the "old" or Justin Morgan Standard type. A group of HOTMHC members have been working on a drill team and this was their first public presentation. Members were Elaine McIntyre riding Morannon Manzanita, Nancy Stuhl on her gelding Tindo Trailblazer, Bob Grigsby with his mare, Tindo Clarification, and Susan Wernle with her mare SNR Sophistication. These last two Morgans were also a daughter-mother duo. The drill went off without a hitch and was extremely well received by the crowd.

We had a lead line segment with little Ella (age 5) and Minnie (age 6) Jordan riding the 30 year old Jamestown Top Gun, led by Mary Ann James, and Morannon Manzanita, led by Brian Stuhl (still in his cavalry uniform). The little girls smiled and waved and waved and waved at the audience and the spectators loved it.

Then the Western Pleasure riders came in one of which was Bob Grigsby on Tindo Clarification.

Nancy Stuhl drove her four-wheel marathon carriage smartly behind her stallion, Clarendon of Quietude. The trick horse in training demonstration was organized by Martie Wernle, a thirty year veteran of trick horse training. He presented three of his Morgan "trick horse students", who also happened to be a Morgan family: Clarendon of Quietude shown by Nancy Stuhl, SNR Sophistication ridden by Susan Wernle, and their daughter, Tindo Clarification, with Bob Grigsby up. These three warmed up on a sidepass pole and a backing exercise. They progressed to the "end of the trail" box, and on to the see-saw. Nancy also stood on Clarendon's back and then dismounted sliding off over his rump and tail. She then cued Clarendon to get up on the pedestal - where he seemed to enjoy looking at the audience from this higher vantage point. The grand finale was all three doing three different types of "bows" for the audience: Claire bowed with Bob mounted, Susan and Sophie did the Arabian bow, and Clarendon bowed with his forehead on the ground.

Elaine, Nancy, Trish and Barbara spent the summer enjoying each other's company and trail riding at the local surrounding state parks.

Trish attended the Rio Grande Regional Pony Club Camp at Pine Hill in June with "Rio". Many thanks to all who helped make this happen! Trish enjoyed herself so very much and learned lots.

Barbara and Trish and all the horses are back in Texas for the summer.

Trish rates up to C-2 in Pony Club 5/30/05!

Tindo Trailblazer and Morannon Manzanita are both being ridden in the Heart of Texas Morgan Horse Club drill team.

Trish rates up to C-1 in Pony Club 9/26/04.

Horse Rides! Summer 2004 had Small Town Ellie Ash, Loves Magic Breeze and Phaon Pharms Sundancer giving "pony rides" at various Travis AFB base-wide and squadron picnics. How rewarding to see the smiles on the faces of people who never have a chance to ride! It's their time to shine on a beautiful Morgan!

Elaine has been elected President of the Heart of Texas Morgan Horse Club and is having fun enjoying the two new foals, Honey and Sunny. Mac can usually be found on his tractor working the fields or off camping.

Nancy is once again voted in as the Heart of Texas Morgan Horse Club Membership Director at the June 2004 annual meeting. She is currently Tindo Morgans' "head trainer" working with all our young horses and when time permits she also takes an occasional trail ride with Brian when he's not working or studying.

Trish is still competing at the schooling shows and winning many classes, especially in Equitation. She has competed at four Pony Club rallies in 2004: EBTH, Quiz, Dressage and Show Jumping.

On December 5, 2003 Nancy and Clarendon had the priviledge of driving Santa to the Schertz, Texas "Lighting of the Christmas tree", winning first place.

Parades, Parades! What fun!!
** On Veteran's Day Trish rode Rio and Barbara rode Ellie in a parade in Fairfield, California with the Travis AFB Equestrian Group winning second place.

** Then on December 13, 2003 Trish, Rio and Barbara and Ellie again rode with the Travis AFB Equestrian Group in the Woodland, California Christmas parade, taking first place.

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